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2017 July Charmas band at Michaels on Main group pic

Hot Cherry Punch puts the juice into your party with intoxicating rhythm grooves, singalong lyrics, and playful humor. This 5-piece dance band squeezes out fresh interpretations of funk, pop, classic rock, reggae, blues, and indie rock favorites, with unusual combinations of flute, saxophone, fiddle, Great Highland Bagpipes, guitar, bass, and drums. Sometimes whimsy inspires lead singer Aaron to teach barflies a barndance, kick off a dance set with an Irish drinking song, or crack a terrible joke while the dancers catch their breath; other times he lays off the lyrics while we guide the dancers into a trance with a long instrumental jam.

You can “put the cherry on” your special celebration with Aaron serenading your guest of honor (think Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra). our Great Highland Bagpiper playing Happy Birthday, or a switch from Top 40 into an old time ballroom waltz, holiday-themed comedy song, or goofy children’s song to keep the little ones smiling.

Expand the fun by adding a dance caller/extra instrumentalist/singer, or scale down the band for a backyard-sized party. This is your day to whip up your own favorite recipe for joyful memories!